Northern Bitcoin Increases Its Mining Capabilities with 4.4K New Rigs
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July 1, 2019
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One of the largest bitcoin mining providers Northern Bitcoin AG has doubled its mining capabilities by purchasing 4,475 ASIC miners from Canaan Creative and Bitmain Technologies, an official press release reports.

From now, Northern Bitcoin has over 100 PH/s thanks to the additional performance.

The Chief Technology Officer at Northern Bitcoin, Moritz F. Jäger, says the acquisition of the sought-after hardware is a great success for the company.

"With the doubling of our mining equipment just a few days after the start of our global scaling, we are setting the pace with which we aim to take a leading position in the fast-growing blockchain industry in the coming years," Jäger added.

In the meantime, iHodl reported that Iranian authorities seized 1000 bitcoin mining rigs after the spike of electricity power from two factories. A source familiar with the matter claims bitcoin draw special authorities' attention as it became a potential mean of storing wealth bypassing regulatory measures.

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