Brave Browser Users Will be Able to Tip Reddit Collaborators with BAT
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July 1, 2019

Decrypt has recently reported that the users of the privacy-focused web browser Brave will soon be able to give BAT tokens to reward Reddit users for their content.

Even though it was already possible to reward the users of the platform with cryptos via bots, this process was a bit complex. However, the addition of native support for BAT to the Brave browser will allow its users to give BAT (Basic Attention Token) tokens to the collaborators they wish by simply clicking a button.

The BAT cryptocurrency was specially designed with this purpose - rewarding other Internet users for their content. This new feature can only be used by the users of the browser and is currently being developed by its team.

Reddit is one of the largest information portals about cryptos in the world.

The addition of this new feature will expose BAT to 1.6 billion users per month.

This new functionality is being developed in preview-only mode and will be launched in a beta version of Reddit's platform within the next three weeks.

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