ShapeShift and Binance Plan to Support Libra
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The cryptocurrency exchange Binance is in talks with Facebook to add support for Libra on its platform, Finance Magnates reported yesterday citing a statement by Binance's chief strategy officer, Gin Chao.

In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange service ShapeShift could also integrate Libra into its platform from 2020.

The founder of the company, Eric Voorhees, has said that although "it is still too early to talk about it, since the coin has not yet been released, I would like to add support for Libra in ShapeShift when it is launched."

According to him, the project's white paper, which was announced on June 18 together with Calibra, Facebook's digital wallet, might be modified when the project goes live.

Apparently, the founder of ShapeShift is interested in Libra, but he is quite cautious, since, until the coin is officially launched, it is not clear how it will work and to what extent it will be controlled.

Most importantly, Voorhees has also suggested that the arrival of Libra could make social network users more open to other cryptocurrencies, which could ultimately boost their mass adoption.

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