Ripple Partners with Coinfirm to Comply with New AML Policy Fonseca
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The largest owner of XRP currency, Ripple, has signed a partnership with Coinfirm, a regulation tech startup, to comply with new regulation recommendations from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Forbes reports.

According to Forbes, Coinfirm will be responsible for providing information about cryptocurrency users and whether the crypto transaction has been processed by a mixer service.

However, Coinfirm CEO, Pawel Kuskowski claims the information will not include the actual ID associated with public addresses where crypto is stored.

One way or the other, Forbes notes Coinfirm will include information regarding whether or not an address is owned by a crypto exchange that supports anonymous trading.

Earlier, Eric Turner, Director of Research at crypto researcher Messari Inc, said the recommendations from FATF may be "one of the biggest threats to crypto today."

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