Hackers Steal $4.5 Million From Crypto Exchange Bitrue
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The users of the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitrue have lost about 4.5 million dollars in XRP and Cardano tokens as a result of a hacker attack, the exchange reported yesterday on Twitter.

Exchange representatives have promised the platform will return the stolen funds to the affected users.

According to Bitrue, hackers have taken advantage of a vulnerability on the exchange's risk control system to gain access to the accounts of around 90 users, allowing them to withdraw 9.3 million XRP tokens and 2.5 million ADA tokens.

These tokens have been stolen from the exchange's hot wallets and transferred to several trading platforms.

It must be noted that the platform is currently being checked by company experts in order to check the safety of the system. As usually happens in this type of situations, the possibility to withdraw funds from the exchange has been disabled till the investigation is completed.

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