Opera Launches Blockchain-based iOS Browser with Crypto Wallet Support
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June 26, 2019
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Popular web browser developer Opera has announced the launch of its first blockchain-based browser for iOS called Opera Touch. The new browser supports Web 3.0 features and includes a crypto wallet feature.

According to the announcement, the browser also supports the Ethereum Web3 API, making interacting with dApps seamless, without the need for browser extensions.

Opera Launches Blockchain-based iOS Browser with Crypto Wallet Support

"At Opera, we believe that all modern browsers should integrate a crypto wallet, simply because this will enable new business models to emerge on the Web," states the announcement.

For the release, Opera also has entered into a partnership with Marble.Cards.

Marble.Cards is a dApp that turns web pages into digital collectible cards. Opera claims any URL on the internet can be turned into a card, but only once. This means that every Marble card is unique. More specifically, these collectibles are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the ethereum blockchain.

Last year, Opera opened access to the Android version of Ethereum-wallet through the desktop version of the browser

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