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National Cancer Institute has announced it's developing a blockchain-based information system for medical image sharing between different entities, particularly facilitating image transfer to enable a data library of medical images for an AI/ML application to improve image processing, analysis, reconstruction, and enhancement.

According to the announcement, the institute plans to test the system with real image data and assess its performance from a socioeconomic perspective.

The institute proposes a blockchain-based platform that can help solve issues in the following three aspects:

  • improving security and protection of privacy;
  • maintaining flexibility;
  • enforcing data sovereignty.

Last year, the UNICEF invested in six blockchain projects in emerging markets "to solve global challenges using blockchain technology," — from healthcare delivery transparency to the management of finances and resources.

Moreover, Myongji Hospital, which is considered to be one the South Korea’s largest hospital, back in November 2018 concluded a partnership with a Korean tech company to develop a medical services platform on blockchain technology.

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