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Blockchain-based ecosystem IOTA (MIOTA) has teamed up with Primority, a UK-based digital food safety management company that helps food product manufacturers monitor food safety in food supply chains, to allow consumers to easily check what allergens are in a food product when contemplating a purchase, states the official announcement.

According to Primority, food may have many hidden allergens that consumers may not be aware of. To combat this issue, the company has developed a digital ledger based consumer-focused app, integrated with its 3iVerify platform, which is based on IOTA.'s tech

With the help of information collected on Primority’s 3iVerify cloud software, the data from food manufacturers is automatically transmitted on IOTA’s Tangle, notes the announcement.

In May, IOTA entered into a partnership with manufacturing company Avery Dennison, to implement blockchain tech for the supply chain.

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