Binance to Issue Bitcoin-Pegged Token
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Binance will issue its own bitcoin-pegged token on the Binance Chain that will be traded on Binance and proposed for trading on Binance DEX, states the official announcement.

Binance to Issue Bitcoin-Pegged Token

The exchange claims it will also issue other tokens, pegged to the leading tokens.

According to the announcement, Binance will issue a number of crypto-pegged tokens on Binance Chain (BEP2 token format) in the coming days, starting with BTCB, a BEP2 token pegged to bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin).

"The main benefit of offering crypto-pegged tokens is that, obviously, this makes available to Binance DEX traders the many coins that have their own blockchains and aren’t native on Binance Chain," states the Binance team.

Earlier Binance DEX fell under the criticism because of its updated terms of service according to which, the exchange will ban U.S. residents and users from other 28 jurisdictions, including Belarus, the Crimea region of Ukraine and Venezuela starting in July.

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