John McAfee Releases New Crypto Trading Platform
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June 13, 2019

John McAfee, developer of the popular McAfee antivirus and crypto fan, announced on June 11 through his official Twitter account the launch of McAfee Magic, his new crypto trading platform.

The platform allows its users to trade a wide range of digital assets, both manually and automatically, on a large number of crypto exchanges.

According to the platform's website, it allows users to place orders manually while bots are automatically executing hundreds of trades.

McAfee Magic also offers amateur traders the possibility to execute shadow trades, a functionality that basically copies or follows the techniques of professional traders.

The platform offers access to 8 well-known exchanges and allows its users to trade more than 500 different coins.

Why it is important

  • McAfee revealed just a few days ago he would launch his own stablecoin this fall. According to him, it will be a totally independent coin isolated from traditional coins, assets and exchanges.
  • He announced last year his intention to run for president in the 2020 elections. He did so from a boat in international waters because he was being investigated by the country's tax authorities (IRS).

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