Large American Retailer to Support Blockchain Framework Implementation
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Target Corporation which is the eighth-largest retailer in the U.S. has announced it would integrate its components into the Hyperledger Grid project framework.

According to Joel Crabb, the Vice President of Architecture at Target, the retailer has been exploring various blockchain-related technologies since mid-2018. For instance, Crabb highlights that the retailer back in 2018 implemented a proof of concept method to help manage the certification of suppliers in its own branded paper product manufacturing.

From now, Target is about to learn how to get instant use case in determining which data to share and how to govern a multi-enterprise, blockchain-backed distributed ledger.

"Distributed ledgers will bring a new form of transactional ability and data storage to corporate enterprises – one in which the transactions are trusted and the data is verified by a group of companies working to solve problems that extend beyond their own borders," states the announcement.

Earlier iHodl reported that Carrefour SA, which is one of the largest French retailers, admitted a large sales boost thanks to the integration of blockchain tech to track daily consumption products from farms to stores

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