Coinbase Adds Stablecoin Dai to Its Educational Program
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Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., has just added stablecoin Dai to its educational program, the platform announced yesterday on its official blog.

Dai has thus become the first stablecoin to be added to Earn. Coinbase's educational program allows the platform users to receive cryptocurrencies as a reward for watching videos and performing tests related to different blockchain protocols.

According to the exchange representatives:

"Coinbase is constantly working to become a reliable source of information about everything related to the crypto sphere. Now we are excited to offer the opportunity to learn about this stablecoin and earn its tokens at the same time."

According to Coinbase, users can earn up to $6 per each lesson about Dai.

Why it is important

  • Coinbase launched Coinbase Earn - a platform through which Coinbase users can earn tokens by completing different educational tasks, namely watching videos and solving quizzes, in December last year.

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