Hackers Steal 23.2M XRP Tokens From GateHub
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A hacker or a group of hackers have stolen 23.2 million XRP tokens (around $9.6 million when the hack took place) from the GateHub service, Thomas Silkjær, creative director of 2K/DENMARK, reported yesterday.

According to him, the hack began on June 1. The hackers managed to access the wallets of 80-90 users and withdrew 23.2 million XRP tokens to 12 addresses. Later on, 13.1 tokens of the 23.2 that had been stolen were sent to several exchanges and transaction mixing services in order to cover their tracks. Thomas Silkjær has said:

"The hacker had stolen substantial amounts from several other XRP accounts, likely to be or have been managed through Gatehub.net."

According to him, these 12 accounts have been involved in the attack:

  • changelly.com: 6,000,000 XRP
  • changenow.io: 3,250,000 XRP
  • kucoin.com: 1,500,000 XRP
  • huobi.com: 930,000 XRP
  • exmo.me: 135,000 XRP
  • hitbtc.com: 115,000 XRP
  • binance.com: 110,000 XRP
  • alfacashier.com: 50,000 XRP

Experts still have not found out how the hackers managed to access the users' wallets.

GateHub has reported the incident to the authorities and has promised to publish an official statement once the internal investigation is completed.

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