North Korean Hackers Attack UpBit Users
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The users of South Korean crypto exchange UpBit have been the target of a phishing attack carried out by a hacker or group of hackers from North Korea.

Cybersecurity firm East Security has reported that a hacker or group of hackers from North Korea have attempted to get access to the data of some users of the trading platform through a scam email.

They used a popular technique among hackers known as phishing, which consists of impersonating the identity of another person or institution, to make the recipients of the message believe it was a genuine message.

The hackers used a fake email address that supposedly belonged to the exchange as well as the company's logo to make the users of the platform believe the email had actually been sent by the company. In the email they asked them to provide confidential information for a customer’s fictional sweepstakes payout.

The email contained a document that supposedly included information about the payment. However, when it was opened by the users, it executed a malicious code on their machines that collected information about their systems as well as passwords, which was later sent to the hackers. This information was then used by them to access their victims' computers and steal their funds.

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