Telegram Officially Launches Test Client for TON Blockchain
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May 30, 2019
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The popular Russian instant messaging service Telegram has just officially launched a test client for its TON blockchain, according to the files published on its repository,

According to the information contained in the readme file, the new files available for download are a distribution of a preliminary version of the TON Blockchain Network Lite Client along with the relevant parts of the TON blockchain library. It is basically a simplified stable version of the Lite Client platform.

A GitHub user uploaded a version of the client to the repository on May 25. According to the readme file, the client — provided it is configured correctly — connected to a full node of the test network of the TON blockchain.

Among the files available for download there is also a configuration file for the development of smart contracts that users can install and that connects the lite client to a special server.

Telegram released in April a private beta testing version of its blockchain to a limited number of developers around the world.

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