Bitcoin Yield Reaches 134%
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Charlie Bilello, an analyst at New York-based Pension Partners, has said that since the start of 2019, the return on investment in Bitcoin has reached 134%.

The expert ha shared on his official Twitter account that the return on investment in Bitcoin (EXANTE: Bitcoin) exceeds the return on traditional assets. For example, the return on investment for oil was only 27%, 16% for Nasdaq, 14% for S&P 500 and 0.04% for gold.

At the same time, Bitcoin is far from the first position among digital assets. For example, the profitability of investment in Binance Coin was 475%, 255% for Tezos, 254% for Litecoin, 166% for Bitcoin Cash and 158% for EOS.

Bilello has also said that, compared to the record return reached in December 2017, Bitcoin's has fallen by 56%, EOS' by 69%, Litecoin's by 70%, Ethereum's by 81%, XRP's by 89%, NEM's by 96%, NEO's by 94%, Zcash's by 92% and Dash's by 90%.

DataLight experts have recently reported that Bitcoin will soon enter a phase of exponential growth similar to the 2017 rally.

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