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Adam Clark, the Founder of the previously hacker cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has set up a new one — Assetylene, Decrypt reports.

Cryptopia was the largest regulated cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand by the time of the attack. It went offline on January 15th sharing it had suffered a "security breach which resulted in significant losses."

According to Clark's Twitter page, he is now the Founder of, New Zealand's most advanced crypto trading platform.

Founder of Hacked Cryptopia Exchange Sets Up a New One

In an interview with Decrypt, Clark claims he left Cryptopia in late 2017 early 2018 due to new management wanting to take the company in a different path he "fundamentally disagreed with."

"So we parted ways and I started working on the core products I wanted in the Crypto space," Clark added.

Earlier, the exchange announced it initiated the liquidation process.

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