Google, Intel and 3 Other US Companies Stop Cooperating with Huawei
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Google and four chip makers have suspended their cooperation with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Chip makers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have informed their employees they will not supply Huawei until further notice, Bloomberg reported yesterday.

It was also recently reported that Google has partially suspended its cooperation with Huawei on Android and Google Play after Donald Trump's administration blacklisted Huawei for allegedly helping Chinese authorities to spy American companies.

Experts believe that the inability to develop their business in the US will affect American chip manufacturers, including Micron, as well as the deployment of 5G technology globally, including in China.

Why it is important

  • Huawei had become the second largest smartphone maker in the world after surpassing Apple. However, the ban imposed on US companies to cooperate with the Chinese giant will probably have a negative impact on its growth. Will it be able to stay in the second position?

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