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The U.S.-based retailer broker & digital asset trading platform Coinbase is modifying its price alert notification system which will include a machine learning-based algorithm to predict the price movement, said Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase CEO, during a recent AMA session on YouTube.

The Head of Coinbase also highlighted that the new feature is still in the development process since the Coinbase team wants to keep "fine balance with push notifications."

"In the past we gave people the ability to set it [notification] up manually... but what we've been doing recently is actually something more machine learning-based in the background where if there's a price movement or change in the market that we think you should know about we're going to push that notification to you proactively," described the new feature Coinbase CEO.

According to anonymous sources, Coinbase plans to acquire Xapo's custody service. Apparently, the companies are still negotiating. If the parts eventually reach an agreement, the transaction could reach as much as $50 million.

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