Bitstamp Investigates Suspicious Large Sell of Bitcoin
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May 17, 2019
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Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has initiated internal investigation amid suspicious large sell order of bitcoin (BTC) at $6,178, which lead to a short-term drop of bitcoin's price.

Even though the price rebounded, the exchange claims it closely examines "every event that causes large-scale movement" in its order book and has started an immediate case investigation.

Bitstamp Investigates Suspicious Large Sell of Bitcoin

Some people suggested that the suspicious large sell was nothing else but laundering of stolen bitcoins from cryptocurrency exchange Binance, that lost a week ago 7,000 bitcoins as a result of a hacker attack.

Earlier this year, the exchange announced a partnership with one of the leading Swiss online banks, Dukascopy Bank, to enable crypto funding on its platform.

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