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A distributed ledger for the Internet of Things, IOTA (MIOTA), has entered into a partnership with manufacturing company Avery Dennison, to implement blockchain tech for supply chain, Yahoo! News reports.

According to Yahoo! News, the blockchain solution will be tested by a luxury brand called ALYX in order to allow its customers “full insights into the supply chain.”

Customers will be able to track the path of the purchased goods, from creation to the point of sale, notes the media.

Debbie Shakespeare, Senior director of sustainability and compliance at Avery Dennison says brands and consumers can know that the information they are being shown about the garment’s creation process is 100% accurate and can be trusted implicitly.

“This [blockchain implementation] is a watershed moment for improving brand transparency and trust,” she added.

Last year, a multinational engineering and electronics producer Bosch in collaboration with IOTA revealed joint blockchain-focused product — Bosch XDK (Cross Domain Development Kit), an editable scanner device and IoT coding platform.

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