Twitter Accidentally Shares User Data With Advertising Partner
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Twitter has identified a bug that made it "collect iOS location data from some of its users and shared it with one of its trusted partners," the company said in a statement. However, the identity of the advertising partner has not been disclosed.

The bug has affected users who had more than one Twitter account registered on their iOS devices and had used the location function in at least one of their accounts. As a result of the bug, Twitter has been unintentionally collecting information about the location of users in accounts where they had not activated the geolocation function, clearly violating their privacy.

According to Twitter, the advertising partner, whose name has not been revealed, does not have the necessary information to link location data with users.

The social network said this information is not enough to determine the address or map the users' precise movements.

In addition, Twitter representatives added the partner has already deleted the data and that the affected users have been informed about the situation.

Why it is important

  • This is not the first time a social network is involved in a similar situation. For example, in November last year the personal data of 257,000 Facebook users was leaked online.

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