eBay Might Add Support for Cryptocurrencies
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May 13, 2019
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The banners used to advertise the Consensus 2019 conference suggest that the popular online market eBay might be considering the implementation of support for cryptocurrencies on its platform.

The authenticity of the images, which were leaked by Telegram channel @PatronsOfTheMoon, has not been confirmed by eBay yet.

eBay is sponsoring the conference with Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft, Citi, AWS and other companies.

The news has been received with great excitement by the crypto community, since it would represent a major progress in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the mainstream.

Even though the news has not been confirmed yet, if the marketplace eventually adds support for cryptocurrencies, it will happen thanks to the cooperation with Bitcoin payment gateway UTRUST, which in 2018 hired former eBay and PayPal executive Sanja Kon as VP of Global Partnerships.

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