Starbucks Partners with Microsoft to Track Coffee Beans with Blockchain
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American coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to track coffee supply chain with the help of advanced technologies, ranging from cloud computing to blockchain, states the official announcement.

As it states, the company is developing a feature for its mobile app that shows customers info regarding where their packaged coffee comes from, from where it was grown and what Starbucks is doing to support farmers in those locations, to where and when it was roasted, tasting notes and more.

Starbucks will reportedly use Microsoft's blockchain service called "Azure Blockchain Service," which allows monitoring both the movement of coffee and its transformation from bean to final bag, highlights the announcement.

Earlier it was reported that Starbucks The US coffee chain Starbucks is planning to allow its customers to pay for their orders with crypto, which will be instantly converted into fiat money through the Bakkt platform.

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