MakerDAO's CTO Leaves Project
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Andy Milenius, former technology director (CTO) of the MakerDAO project, the company that has developed the stablecoin DAI on Ethereum's blockchain as well as the token Maker (MKR), has just published a letter dated April 3 in which he talks about the internal conflicts of the project.

The 24-page letter refers to the internal conflicts that Andy says are affecting the company. He states that, for example, his fellow executives seem to be interested in developing the business as a traditional company in order to reach traditional corporate efficiency.

He also has some harsh words for Rune Christenten, the company CEO, whom he accuses of trying to control the company, which has made the main collaborators of the project decide to stop collaborating with them so often.

Apparently, they have started working in a parallel company, called DappHub, with the aim of maintaining the independence that MakerDAO seems to be denying them.

Andy Milenius confirmed yesterday that he has left his position in the company.

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