Samsung Invests $2.9M in Ledger
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South Korean tech giant Samsung has just invested $2.6 million in the crypto hardware wallet maker Ledger.

A Ledger spokesman has confirmed the information, however, he has not disclosed any more details about the transaction.

The investment comes right after a major change of roles in the wallet maker. Pascal Gauthier, the company's former president, has been appointed as its new CEO, while the firm's former CEO, Eric Larchevêque, is now the executive chairman of the board.

This news is connected to the information we published yesterday about the fact that Samsung could be developing its own hybrid private-public blockchain based on Ethereum in which it intends to launch its own token, the Samsung Coin.

Why it is important

  • Samsung's investment in the popular crypto hardware wallet maker is a clear sign of Samsung's interest in the crypto and blockchain industry. While we reported yesterday that the firm is developing its own blockchain, today's news suggests that the Korean firm could have more surprises in store.

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