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24 April
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Enterprise blockchain solutions developer for the Internet of Things (IoT), Filament, has announced it is now collaborating with the University of Nevada on Reno’s Intelligent Mobility initiative to build a brand-new blockchain-based IoT tech standard for autonomous vehicles and road infrastructure.

The so-called "smart city project" is reportedly focused on improving safety and communication "between autonomous connected vehicles and surrounding infrastructure with LIDAR and dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) devices mounted at intersections."

University of Nevada Develops Blockchain IoT Tech for Autonomous Vehicle

The Head of the Nevada Center for Applied Research, Carlos Cardillo, claims the rise in the number of connected vehicles on roads "will lead to an increase in the number of IoT devices, which can potentially create vulnerabilities."

"Working with Filament as part of Intelligent Mobility will help us to create and validate secured data generated from the many connected LIDAR devices including those in autonomous vehicles that will soon be a common feature in our cities and towns. We believe this can result in a new set of data integrity standards that others can follow when rolling out their own initiatives," Cardillo added.

According to the official announcement, the University will begin simulated testing of Filament’s Blocklet® technology, with plans to soon integrate the technology into both an autonomous vehicle and the sensor infrastructure placed along defined routes to deliver a trustworthy record of events, enabling attested data exchange via blockchain transactions.

Earlier, IBM Institute for Business Value carried out a report, according to which, 62% of auto executives believe that blockchain will be a disruptive force in the industry by 2021.

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