Bitstamp and Korbit to Be Acquired by Disney
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European crypto exchange Bitstamp and South Korean platform Korbit could be acquired by one of the largest conglomerates in the entertainment industry, Bitcoinist reported yesterday making reference to Korea Herald.

Disney is the main candidate for the acquisition of a controlling stake in South Korean videogames developer Nexon, which is 47% owned by NXC. NXC's CEO, Jung-ju Kim, announced in early January his plans to sell 98.6% of his stake in NXC. Tencent and Kakao showed interest in the offer, however, Kim Jong Joo held personal negotiations with Disney.

If the transaction, which could reach as much as 13.2 billion dollars, is completed, Bitstamp, which NXC acquired through its investment structure NXMH for 400 million dollars, and Korbit, which is 65% owned by the same company, will be acquired by Disney.

Disney launched its hybrid Dragonchain blockchain back in 2016. It was designed to improve the efficiency of business applications and increase their security.

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