Experts Reveal the Most Popular Passwords
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Experts at the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have just unveiled the world's most popular passwords.

According to them, 123456 is the most common one, since it was used to protect 23.2 million accounts that have been hacked. The password 123456789 protects 7.7 million accounts, qwerty 3.8 million and password 3.6 million. The next most popular is 1111111, which was used by 3.1 million victims.

The top 10 also includes 12345678, abc123, 1234567, password1 and 12345.

NCSC experts advise users to use passwords made up of three random words In their opinion, the passwords that combine letters, numbers and symbols are also reliable.

In addition, they also recommend using two-factor authentication. This method adds an additional security layer to the users' account since after typing their passwords they have to enter a single-use code that is provided to them through different methods (SMS, Google Authenticator...).

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