Vitalik Buterin Supports Massive Bitcoin SV's Delisting
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Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the Ethereum blockchain project, has supported Bitcoin SV's delisting from several platforms. Nic Carter, partner at Castle Island Ventures, said earlier:

"If fraud from the chief promoters is sufficient reason for a delisting from Binance... almost everything should be delisted."

Shortly after, Buterin tweeted:

"It's possible to agree fully and strongly with this and at the same time fully consistently support #DelistBSV."

Ethereum's founder has also said that "maybe I should write a blog post soon on free speech ethics."

The U.S.-based crypto exchange Kraken has decided to delist Bitcoin SV from its platform after conducting a voting among its users.

ShapeShift announced yesterday it would also delist Bitcoin SV following Binance's example. Also, the Japanese crypto exchange SBI Virtual Currencies decided to delist Bitcoin Cash, since Bitcoin SV was not listed in the platform.

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