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15 April
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The majority of trust management funds invest in cryptocurrency assets, states the survey provided by the TRADE Crypto in conjunction with Global Custodian and BitGo.

As it states, almost 95% of endowment funds in 2018 invested in cryptocurrency — directly or through a company supporter. Meanwhile, representatives of almost 50% of the funds are confident that these investments will grow.

Only 7% of investors plan to reduce the volume of investments. Also, survey participants named the main issues of the crypto industry.

These include the lack of reliable market infrastructure, volatility, legal uncertainty and insufficient liquidity.

At the same time, Editor-in-Chief of Global Custodian and the TRADE, Jonathan Watkins, highlights that despite these problems, trust capital funds continue to invest in cryptocurrency.

One way or the other, crypto-related companies still face many problems when they try to open bank accounts.

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