Coinbase Pro Lists Three New Cryptos
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Coinbase's trading platform for institutional investors, Coinbase Pro, has just added support for EOS, Augur and Maker, the company announced yesterday in its blog.

According to the announcement, the crypto trading platform already accepts incoming transfers, while it will accept deposits at least 12 hours before trading is enabled. Traders will be able to start placing orders when the platform reaches enough liquidity.

EOS and REP will be available in all jurisdictions except for the State of New York. However, MKR will only be available outside the U.S.

According to the publication, Coinbase Pro plans to add new jurisdictions to these assets in the coming future.

The newly-added altcoins will be available for trading in pairs with Bitcoin, the dollar and the euro.

These new assets will only be available through Coinbase Pro, which means that users will not be able to access them through or its mobile apps.

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