IBM Files Patent for Blockchain System for Autonomous Vehicles
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IBM has just filed a new patent describing a system that uses blockchain technology to allow autonomous vehicles to predict the behavior of human drivers, according to a patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 2.

The system, which will use DLT technology to ensure the privacy and validity of the information, would allow autonomous vehicles to analyze the information they receive from their on-board sensors about nearby vehicles driven by humans in order to predict their behavior and avoid possible accidents.

The patent states that "the sensors incorporated in the driver's vehicle can collect, detect and identify information about the driver's behavior in real time and load it into a data center stored in the cloud to which the autonomous vehicle can subscribe to."

According to the tech company, blockchain will be used for driver privacy and information validation, in which the system maintains a driving record of one or more features of drivers within the threshold distance.

Why it is important

  • IBM has shown it is really interested in the potential of blockchain technology as it has already registered many other blockchain-related patents in the past.
  • The tech giant said in December last year that blockchain would become a breakthrough in the auto industry in 3 years.

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