Google Search Requests For Bitcoin Triple Boosted by Price Jump
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April 5, 2019
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The data provided by Google Trends shows that the searches for the term "bitcoin" in Google's search engine almost tripled during the recent market rise.

According to the U.S. giant's trend analysis platform, search requests for the term "bitcoin" jumped from 30 to 100 right after the crypto market began to rise on April 2, when the price of the main cryptocurrency by market cap skyrocketed 15%.

These calculations are based on a series of algorithms. When a term is at the peak of its popularity, it reaches a level of 100. When this figure falls to 50, it means that its popularity has fallen by half, while a score of 0 means that there is not enough data to make the calculations.

Apparently, most of the searches were registered in Nigeria, the Netherlands, South Africa, Austria and Switzerland.

Despite this recent rise in the market, which has attracted the attention of many people, the main cryptocurrency, as well as the market in general, is losing momentum.

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