ICOs Attracted 58 Times Less Money in Q1 2019 Than in Q1 2018
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According to the Wall Street Journal, only $118 million were raised in the first quarter of 2019, which is a lot less than the $6.9 billion attracted during the same period last year.

The WSJ has used the data provided by the ICO analysis website TokenData in order to prepare this study. Apparently, investors have lost their appetite for this type of investment as a result of the measures taken by regulators against this fundraising mechanism. In addition, the widespread collapse in the crypto market has not helped much either.

For example, a clear example of the regulators' movements against ICOs can be found in February this year, when the SEC accused the crypto company Gladius Network of selling unregistered securities after the company filed its reports with the regulator.

According to the report, only 45% of the ICO projects have managed to raise funds out of the 2,500 projects analyzed by the platform since 2017. Moreover, the price of only 15% of the tokens issued through ICOs is the same or higher than their original price.

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