Coincheck Releases Bitcoin OTC Platform for Institutional Investors
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The Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck has just launched its new over-the-counter Bitcoin trading desk for institutional investors.

This new platform will allow the exchange clients to directly trade large amounts of Bitcoins - starting from 50 BTCs - through its new web interface. The platform will be available during working days from 02:00 to 07:00 (UTC).

Thanks to this new service, institutional investors will now be able to buy and sell large amounts of cryptos very quickly. At the moment, investors will only be able to trade with Bitcoin, however, Coincheck has reported that it intends to add more alternatives in the future.

The popular U.S. crypto exchange Coinbase launched its own OTC services for institutional clients back in November 2018. Coincheck grabbed the attention of the entire industry in January last year after losing about $532 million after a hackers attack.

The platform was shortly afterwards acquired by the Japanese broker Monex Group in April of that year.

The attacked suffered by the crypto exchange made the Japanese authorities realize about the importance of tighten their control over these platforms.

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