Scammer Tries To Steal BTC With Fake Wasabi Wallet
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A scammer has reportedly created a fake version of the Wasabi wallet to steal users' funds.

One of the co-founders of the project, nopara73, has announced on his official Twitter account that a person or group of people have created a malicious website in which they have uploaded fake download links.

The fraudulent site, (do NOT visit under any circumstances), offers four different versions of the wallet: 1 for macOS, 1 for Windows and 2 for Linux. However, while the links to the macOS and Linux versions redirect users to the original Wasabi wallet stored on GitHub, the link to the Windows version downloads on the users' computers a file with a .msi extension that is stored on the scammer's site.

This file installs a fake version of the wallet on the users' computers and allows the scammer to access their funds.

Wasabi is an open source bitcoin wallet that uses shuffling technology, just like the popular anonymous Tor browser, to provide users with additional privacy while they use the cryptocurrency.

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