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South Korean Internet company, Kakao, which is also the operator of Korea's dominant mobile messaging app Kakao Talk, has raised $90 million through a private coin offering for its blockchain platform Klaytn, Bloomberg reports.

According to Bloomberg, Kakao plans to launch its own blockchain platform in June. The head of Kakao’s blockchain unit Ground X Corp. Venture, Jason Han, the initial round succeed to reach its main goal despite the so-called "crypto winter."

Han highlights the launch of blockchain platform was scheduled for last year, however, it was delayed as it required more development.

Klaytn provides tutorials and toolkits for the development of blockchain-based services. The toolkits include Klaytn Wallet, which allows users to safely transfer their tokens created on Klaytn, KlaytnScope, which lets users monitor all activities on Klaytn, including block creation and transaction, and Blasq, an incentivized blockchain coworking community where users’ blockchain-related questions and answers are rewarded with tokens.

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