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12 February
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The average number of daily transactions on Bitcoin’s blockchain has been rising for months and hit a one-year high last month, nearing levels seen in the 2017 price boom.

It can be said, therefore, that Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is witnessing sustained usage: it is being used for more than only speculation — by more sustainable fundamentals.

However, usage for its original goal is not necessarily correlated with price in the short term, and that is BTC’s situation: its price has not left the range $3,400-$3,700 for a while.

Nonetheless, its use as a decentralized cryptocurrency, sent from user-to-user on its peer-to-peer network, is a good sign for its adoption — and, in the long term, for its price.

In the meanwhile, at the same time, fees are also at levels not seen since 2015 — remaining low. A Bitcoin transaction may currently be carried for around $0.25.

Although much more than what is charged with other prominent tokens, like Bitcoin Cash, it is low enough for most of Bitcoin’s network users.

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