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11 February
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The largest Japanese advertising space broker, Hakuhodo, has entered into the partnership with a Chinese blockchain-focused startup, Yuanben, in order to develop a new form of digital advertising on the blockchain business model, which is called "Collectable AD."

According to the announcement, with the new model, consumers are no longer just passive recipients of advertising but participate in its spread and circulation.

Yuanben CEO, Wu Peng, states the outside world's understanding of the industry "is a catalyst to promote development and work towards integration and adoption."

"But there are still too few innovative blockchain application models. Collectable AD addresses a specific pain point for the advertising industry in its current state and represents a product created after deep exploration of the advertising industry business models," Wu highlighted.

Previously, one of the largest Japanese financial institutions, Mizuho Bank, announced it will issue its own stablecoin by March 2019.

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