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11 February
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Cointelligence, a company focused on data research and analysis concerning the crypto ecosystem, has announced it will launch a crypto exchange rating system to assist members of the community in finding the most trustworthy crypto exchange.

The new service will not be the company's first foray into rating. It already offers a rating system for both Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Security Token Offerings (STOs).

How will it work?

A team of specialists (under anonymity) from the crypto ecosystem will create unbiased and accurate reviews of the analysed exchanges, rating them on criteria like accessibility and usability or applicable fees, market volume and number of supported cryptocurrencies.

The experts will also consider the teams behind each crypto exchange and assess the associated security risks, among other factors — so that crypto traders and members of the community may be able to verify if a trading platform is reliable enough.

“We looked around the industry and we didn’t see anyone really doing this. Given the number of hacks and exit scams the exchange industry has seen, we felt this was an important tool to protect the community.” — Shared On Yavin, Cointelligence Co-Founder and CEO.

According to Cointelligence, only actual and factual improvement of a crypto exchange will change its rating in the future.

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