Xena Exchange Will Present Derivative for Gram
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On February 27th, crypto exchange Xena Exchange for trading digital assets will launch the first derivative contract for the Gram token with leverage, the exchange told iHodl. According to exchange, the TON's investors will be able to trade derivatives until the Gram token actually reaches the stock exchanges.

"The Token Gram is important for the community, and therefore has significant potential in the form of a derivative contract. This is the first case in the cryptocurrency market, when derivatives are used not only for speculative operations for profit, but also for hedging risks," CEO of Xena Exchange Anton Kravchenko.

The company expects that in the first three months, the volume of trade for Gram contracts will reach $ 3.5 billion.

Moreover, on February 18th, Xena Exchange will launch a section for trading crypto-derivatives in addition to the existing spot engine. The first derivative on the stock exchange will be a BTC to USD contract.

As stated by the company "the ability to invest in cryptocurrency through derivatives should attract traditional and institutional investors to the cryptocurrency market, thereby ensuring an influx of new funds, increasing trading volumes and reducing volatility."

Xena Exchange was founded by former employees of large investment banks and technology companies, including J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Russian Stock Exchange and Kaspersky Labs.

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