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7 February
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As reported before, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) entered slowly in the current year. Nevertheless, last year ended differently.

The last quarter of 2018 witnessed an increase in the total number of concluded Initial Coin Offerings in comparison with the previous one: 594 ICOs in 2018’s Q4, up from 554 in Q3, according to data shared yesterday by ICObench, an ICO rating service.

However, ICOs registered in Q4 raised 25 percent less than in Q3 — and the average sum per project also plunged: total funds raised by ICOs in Q4 corresponded to $1.4 billion, down from $1.8 billion in Q3, and the average fell to $6.7 million from $8.9 million.

Still according to the well-known rating service Singapore lied on the top concerning the amount of funds raised and the number of completed ICOs in the last quarter of 2018: $251 million were raised among 85 ICOs. In comparison, US ICOs raised $159 million.

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