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4 February
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The world’s leading blockchain tech company Bitfury has announced the partnership with the Seoul-based Commons Foundation to launch bitcoin (BTC) transaction processing hubs in Paraguay.

As it states, the partnership is a part of the foundation’s "Golden Goose" initiative to expand crypto and blockchain innovation in Spanish-speaking regions.

The CEO of Bitfury, Valery Vavilov, states Bitfury is committed "to increase the security of the bitcoin blockchain."

"Bitfury has consistently prioritized the global decentralization of the bitcoin blockchain and we look forward to helping our partners introduce this industry to Paraguay," Vavilov said.

In addition, Commons Foundation plans to open its own crypto exchange in late 2019. The exchange will use BitFury’s analytics data to meet KYC/AML requirements for its clients.

Earlier, Bitfury partnered with a crypto-related payment startup Paytomat in order to integrate Lightning Network (LN) payments to Paytomat’s digital wallet and merchant app.

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