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The central bank of the Republic of Lithuania, The Bank of Lithuania, may issue its own digital numismatic coin, according to The Baltic Course.

However, a board member of the Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas said that the asset won’t be a cryptocurrency at all.

"It will not be a cryptocurrency but a digital numismatic coin. It’s a commemorative coin, and the issue will be limited. It will be legal tender, just as all commemorative coins issued by the Bank of Lithuania, but nobody uses them as legal tender as their market value is higher," Jurgilas said.

Jurgilas says the bank wants to have a game element.

"Probably, a very small number of young people are now interested in collecting, but this is what central banks do, and we think of ways to remain in this changing environment," he added.

Earlier, Jonas Udris, a representative of the Lithuanian Registration Center, stressed that the legal settlement of tokenized shares in different countries doesn't reflect the opportunities offered by modern technologies.

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