Bitcoin Climbed on China’s Monthly Crypto Ranking
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The Chinese Center for Information and Industry Development, under the country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has released its latest crypto ranking update — the first of this year, the ninth in a row.

It covered 34 crypto projects, the same as in the previous release, and the top two crypto projects remained the same — being noteworthy that EOS has kept the same position (first place) since June 2018.

"The evaluation results show that EOS and Ethereum still firmly occupy the top two [positions] of the list," — Shared the Center.

Bitcoin, on its turn, previously recognized by Chinese experts as the 18th best cryptocurrency (December 2018), climbed to the 15th position. Curiously, Bitcoin is the largest crypto by market capitalization, while EOS is the 15th largest.

How the projects are ranked

The crypto projects are ranked on the basis of three categories: basic technology, applicability, and creativity. While the applicability index remained almost unchanged, the other two experienced notable changes on this month’s evaluation.

"The average value of the underlying technology index has decreased from the previous period, [...] [and the] average value of the creativity index is significantly lower than the previous period," — Shared the Center.

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