Giga Watt Closes Mining Operations
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17 January
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One of the leading cryptocurrency mining operators, Giga Watt, has announced the closure of its day to day operations, according to the official announcement on Telegram.

Previously, in November 2018, the company filed bankruptcy filing.

The official announcement states that the company sent its customers a letter stating that any cryptocurrency remaining in customer wallets remains available for withdrawal until March and is accessed via the Giga Watt customer dashboard.

Moreover, according to the statement, those who didn’t receive an email notification should wait since their equipment remains in the locked facilities and any further information relative to their equipment will not be known, or available, pending current legal proceedings.

At present, both access and power to the facilities in which Giga Watt operates have been closed to the company.

Earlier, another key player in the crypto mining industry, Bitmain, announced the closure of its mining facility in Texas.

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