5 Curiosities About Americans Who Hold Crypto
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17 January
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Cornerstone Advisors carried out a study on fintech adoption and shared some curious insights regarding the Americans who hold cryptocurrencies.

Concerning age: 12 percent of the generation X (individuals currently aged 39-53 years), 11 percent of older millennials (individuals currently aged 30-38 years) and 7 percent of young millennials (individuals currently aged 21-29 years) hold cryptocurrencies.

Concerning wealth and education: Around 35 percent of the individuals currently holding cryptocurrencies earn more than $100k a year — and around 37 percent of the individuals using cryptocurrencies have a Master’s or a higher degree.

Concerning politics: Around half of the crypto holders identify themselves as right or far-right considering the political spectrum.

Concerning investment in crypto: Almost one in five crypto holders have more than $1,200 invested in cryptocurrencies, while 7 percent have around $500 in crypto.

Concerning gender: Three-quarters of the crypto holders are male — and 56 percent of the individuals that might invest in crypto in the future are also male.

Did you get any of these right?

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