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Jan. 16, 2019

LedgerX has announced the launching of the “LedgerX Volatility Index” (LXVX), which will track the expected price volatility for Bitcoin based on real-time Bitcoin options trading.

“The LXVX incorporates the level of fear and uncertainty in the Bitcoin market, and thus can be thought of as the ‘Bitcoin fear index’." — Said the company’s official press release.

In fact, the new index will allow traders and investors focused on the crypto market and specifically on Bitcoin to monitor risk as they manage their businesses.

“[...] If you are a large holder of Bitcoin or a risk manager, you’d be very interested in how much the market expects Bitcoin to move over the next month [...].” — Said Juthica Chou, the company’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

LedgerX is a US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulated cryptocurrency asset management platform.

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