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Jan. 13, 2019

Cryptocurrency litecoin (LTC) has succeeded to reach another step in the development of its ecosystem with 60 millionth LTC mined, according to the official announcement. The maximum supply of LTC is equal to 84 million.

"This also marks the point at which there are only 3M more Litecoin to go until the halving, which will see the Block reward fall from 25 Litecoin to 12.5 Litecoin. The halving is estimated to take someplace this August when 75% of the total Litecoin supply has been mined," wrote Franklyn Richards, Litecoin Foundation Director.

At press time, litecoin is trading at $30.70 (-4.73%).

The next key milestone will hit in the middle of 2022.

Earlier, Binance’s ERC20 digital wallet, Trust Wallet, announced it had added support for two new cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, for both Android and iOS users.

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